Cadrea Stool, sometimes, shapes can be like a scent. They can treasure and unleash memories.

By unveiling feelings hidden just beneath the surface, they reveal lines that seem to be familiar without ever having seen them before. Indeed, this is the case for the Cadrea collection.

Just like a Madeleine de Proust, it bears the well-known form of a bistro chair, of which it maintains the comfort and ease of handling typical of a daily-use object.

Combined with the freshness of a completely refurbished, contemporary design.

The chair and the two high and low Cadrea stool make up the essential elements necessary to meet the requirements of a home, either indoor or outdoor.

But, they also fit perfectly in a restaurant or in a cafe.

Cadrea is a polypropylene and fiberglass monoblock characterized by lightweight, resistance to light and weatherproofing.

The sober palette of colours ranges from white to light brown and from dark brown to black, with the addition of a surprisingly elegant dark green.

As a complement to the collection, the indoor version features lightweight eco-leather seat paddings in matching or contrasting colours: black, coffee and cognac.

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