ELEV8 2 Electric Desk


AOC Elev8 2 Stage twin Motor Sit Stand Desk, is a sit and stand workstation solution for the office workplace.

Elev8 Budget 2 stage has one motor in each leg which gives it strength and durabilty. A 4 memory preset controller allows for easy multi height use.

Research shows how detrimental sitting for long periods of the day can be for our health, so now is the time to stand up and do something about it!

Elev8’s state of the art technology makes it extremely functional and easy to use, all at an affordable price.

Available in white and has a warranty of 5 years on electrical and 10 years on frame. Price includes a white 1500 x 750 top with white edging.

We can manufacture a top from any Laminex colour to suit.

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10yr Warranty 5yr

on metal frame         on electrics

Specifications & Brochure



  • Heavy duty steel construction ensuring increased stability.
  • Expandable framework
  • 4 stage memory storage height adjustment using a push button
  • Auto stop function if the desk encounters a obstacle on the way down.
  • Push button activation
  • 2 motor drive assembly
  • Dynamic load push: 600N each leg
  • Maximum lift capacity is 120kg each desk
  • Speed at full load: 30mm/S
  • Lowest position: 700mm (Not including top)
  • Highest position: 1,200mm (Not including top)
  • Minimum extension length: 1,000mm
  • Minimum depth of the desktop recommended is 600mm
  • Base (Foot) length: 700mm (600mm option, Indent Only)
  • Available as standard in White , with Black and Grey optional
  • Sizes = 2,100mm, 1,800mm, 1,500mm, 1,200mm x 800mm (Or any size between.  Minimum depth of the desktop recommended is 600mm)
  • All adjustments for the height are infinitely locking
  • 25mm thick table top is a suggested thickness
  • Solid steel frame construction with a powder coated finish
  • Some assembly required
  • Electrical Approval No. AZ 6902074

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