Zen T80 Workstation Screen System


ZEN T80 Workstation Screen System lets you expand, revitalise, and convert work areas at any time to suit a distinctive work culture.

Redesign your workplaces environment today using ZENT80 with integrated softwiring so there is no messy or unsightly cable issues.

T80 screens can be from 1 metre to ceiling height, so you can create a room, chill out area, quiet space or divide off an area.

Integrate your new screen system workstation layout with softwiring and Sit Stand height adjustable desks.

We will measure, design & quote for free on all fit out projects large and small.

For example, what’s ideally configured yesterday as a 2-person space might be required to evolve to necessitate 8-person workplace in tandem with your company’s growth.

Therefore you can do just that, by using existing elements and expanding, that’s because ZEN T80 simply can!

Timeless Appeal – Modulate to the Work Culture – Aesthetics – Privacy without Constraint – Collaborate in Comfort – Integrated softwiring solutions

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Configured to each project area – See brochure for more details

Options: Screen Heights from 900mm to 3000mm – Glass, Polycarbonate, Pinboard, Whiteboard or Fabric interchangeable panels – 600, 750, 900 or 1200 wide – Integrated power & data – Different Leg Profiles – Hanging Shelves, pen holders, name tags, file trays etc.


  • Frame & Legs: White or customised colour of your choice
  • Fabric: Your choice from our comprehensive range
  • Worktops: Your choice of melamine colours & veneer wood



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